Ben J. Dyer Bio March 2017

Ben J. Dyer is an Entrepreneurial Advisor at the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin.  He an advisor to Polygraph Media, a data-science-driven Facebook Marketing Partner based in Austin. He has for a dozen years been the author of TechDrawl, a blog promoting technology entrepreneurship and innovation across the South. And, he serves on the board of BeHome247, a Hilton Head-based IoT company in the home automation and property management market. 

Dyer is best known as a founder of Peachtree Software and served as its president from inception through its sale to Management Science America in 1981. He subsequently founded Comsell, an early interactive media company that he sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, followed by Intellimedia, which created CD-ROMs for sports education and morphed into web development.  He is a general partner in a 2000-vintage $41M seed stage venture fund in Atlanta that is in the final stages of harvest. He was in 2015 a founder of a Georgia-based company delivering through its Specimatch product Clinical Trial and Precision Therapy information to patients and their clinicians in community oncology practices; he served as its CFO through February 2017.

Dyer has concentrated his community activities on higher education. He has been president of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association and Chairman of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation, where he remains an emeritus member of the board. In 2006 he received the Joseph Mayo Petit Alumni Distinguished Service Award, Georgia Tech's highest honor for its alumni. In 1998 Dyer was inducted as the 14th member of Georgia's Technology Hall of Fame. Dyer holds a BIE degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA in Finance from Georgia State University.  Both of his children graduated from the University of Texas at Austin.