questions at University of California lawn forum

March 17, 2016: The SXSW Accelerator pitches used a new tool called to gather questions from the audience, and the emcee of the Sunday finals did a great job of summarizing the audience sentiment as the questions scrolled on her screen.


March 11, 2015: Another year, another badge. It’s SXSW Interactive time again, and I’m guessing this is my 10th appearance, beginning several years before I moved to Austin. Here's an early edition of TechDrawl this week with a bit of inspiration for the days ahead.

General Patton 1943

March 6, 2016: “Physician, heal thyself”(Luke 4:23) is a maxim that most of us have heard throughout our lives.

Boeing 737-800 private jet

February 28, 2016: Two respected local entre- preneurs have recently posted on Medium about their frustrations dealing with resident Austin VC’s, and one of those VC’s has thoughtfully responded with his analysis of the facts. I’ve heard similar stories privately on many occasions from striving entrepreneurs in this town, and that’s been a long-term subject in my current “co-town” Atlanta. Having been on both sides of the table (yes I know Mark Suster seems to own that term), I am compelled to jump into the fray.

Kevin Durant in USA basketball tuneup

February 21, 2016: As I was enjoying this past week some fine dining in the world-famous Varsity and sitting in the ESPN room, I was halfway paying attention to a Sports Center discussion of the impending NBA trade deadline. That’s an interesting multi-way chess match among the various team managers trying to guess which recombination of skills and personalities will result in more wins and keep the total payroll under the salary cap.

Marco Rubio in NH

February 14, 2016: This essay on “the big mistake” on Valentine’s Day is not intended for your Significant Other. I haven’t yet launched the Romance Blog that many of you faithful readers have requested.

February 7, 2016: Yes it’s Super Bowl Sunday, but let’s talk hockey. Whether you are a hockey fan or not, you may have seen the news in January when fans voted into the NHL All-Star Game John Scott, an “enforcer” from the Arizona Coyotes whose assigned mission was to hit people and not to score. I’ll leave it to you to read the story if you’re interested.

Bedlam Cube Element

January 31, 2016: My next great business idea is to use CRISPR-Cas9 to edit your Social Security number into your genome. We’d then be able to recreate your physical appearance and your financial life from your genomic profile. You could remain an active consumer and tax payer on Earth while your soul has gone to the Great Beyond. That’s not a far-fetched concept, but it does beg a lot of ethical questions. However, TechDrawl does not dwell on ethics, so I’ll use that lead-in for other purposes.

January 24, 2016: A recent article in the Huffington Post drew upon a 500-year-old statement by Michel de Montaigne to headline that 85% of what we worry about never happens. That may be generally true, but as entrepreneurs we had better have some worries. You may remember Binkley’s “Closet of Anxieties” in the old Bloom County comic strip. I will admit that I have such a closet.

Marvin Hamlisch conducting

January 17, 2016: If you watched any football over the Holidays, chances are you heard the term “tempo” many times. Many college and pro teams have adopted up-tempo offenses to keep defenses off balance and less able to position themselves correctly for the next play. Lots more plays get run, and this is physically taxing for both sides. A tempo offense requires proper conditioning and a proper mindset that not every team can handle.


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