Carole Ely and Lore Harp circa 1979 Vector Graphic

June 4, 2014:  Today’s post is a complement to last week’s writing on strategy. For my regular readers, please note that I’m publishing earlier than usual so I can travel the next ten days without a keyboard and focus on resort golf board meetings in the Southeast. I’m going to talk about some particular news here to make some points about smaller tech ventures dealing with the muscle of the big players and with the dynamics of business sectors over funded by investment capital.

checkmate on chess board

June1, 2014: It’s humbling to play chess against the computer versions. I’m not a chess enthusiast, and it’s easy for me to dial up to a level where my personal game is inadequate. In this 100th anniversary year of the opening of World War I, there is renewed attention to analyzing the chess-like, set-piece opening of that conflict where the Schlieffen plan was dusted off and set in motion as a result of the act of one crazed assassin in Sarajevo.

1914 pit stop in French Grand Prix

May 26, 2014:  Sunday was the annual Greatest Day in Motorsports – the conjunction of Formula 1 in Monaco, the Indy 500, and NASCAR’s World 600 in Charlotte. Television coverage began at dawn and ended past bedtime for many of us.

traditional commencement fireworks over UT Tower

May 18, 2014:  No institution has asked me to deliver a commencement address for the class of 2014, but here below is a template for the record in case you or I are picked as a last-minute replacement somewhere. That’s not been an uncommon need this spring when protestors have driven off notables like Condoleezza Rice. She’s probably fine with that; it gives her more time to work on her golf swing and be in top form when Augusta National reopens in the fall for member play.

Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings 1972 public domain

May 11, 2014:  At the Chamber of Commerce A-List event this past week, Mike Maples, Jr. of Floodgate VC challenged the community here to set a goal to create a new $100B tech company. That would be an achievement on the order of Dell, which has had a profound impact on the city’s economy and spawned countless entrepreneurs and investors along the way.

MicroMulsion presents at Spring 2014 Longhorn Startup Demo Day

May 4, 2014: At our Longhorn Startup Demo Day on April 24, team MicroMulsion, which is developing microgels for cell cultures in bioengineering research, announced an investment by Mark Cuban. That investment came as a direct result of Cuban’s appearance at our previous Demo Day in December, where he spent time with all our dozen teams and was intrigued enough to ask to invest in this particular one. The accompanying photo shows Biomedical Engineering student Ani Sharma presenting his company on the big stage.

Motorola bag phone

April 27, 2014: How many passwords do you have? As of today I have 148 that I have to maintain. I know there are some very good password management software products and apps, but I still feel compelled to keep track of my own and easily be able to change them when hacks like the Heartbleed bug come along. I’m not sure I want yet another layer of software on top of websites that I access often. Since sites have different rules about password lengths and character requirements, there’s no one-fits-all solution, nor would that be a very wise practice in any event.

public domain image of rejection note on locker

April 20, 2014: “We really like you guys, but we don’t like your product.” That comment from about 1980 has stuck with me; I got to know very well the two gentlemen running Sears computer stores at that time, and that was their polite way of delivering a rejection. I think Peachtree Software has generated more profits than all of Sears in the intervening decades and is only increasing its lead today, but no one is keeping that score (except me).

funeral carriage from museum in Illinois

March 13, 2014: An interesting event this week was a mock company formation exercise for a group of Venture Fellows from UT’s McCombs MBA program. That terminology may not evoke high anticipation like “Sunday at the Masters,” but the organizers at Andrews Kurth put together very thoughtful teaching cases and provided their deal attorneys and a supporting cast of mentors and advisors for a half-dozen teams or so. I was one of the mentors for a case with three students playing their assigned roles.

DJI Quadcopter consumer drone

April 6, 2014: An annual event that I always find interesting at the University of Texas at Austin is ISOJ, the International Symposium on Online Journalism. This week’s 2014 edition was no exception.


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