a pristine 1987 Yugo

December 13, 2015: In case you’re not already included in the $4 Trillion worth of M&A this year and are hoping for a near-term exit, here’s some handy commentary for your consideration.

Capstone Dec 2105 best overall

December 6, 2015: On Thursday the 3rd I had the privilege of judging a portion of the entrants in GA Tech’s semester ending Capstone Design Expo. This affair, under the direction of the School of Mechanical Engineering, featured more than 110 displays across a range of five disciplines from Biomedical Engineering to ECE and attracted probably 500+ student participants and a total audience of around 2,500 including parents, faculty, staff, and the Tech community.

December Calendar

November 29, 2015:  The Holidays begin as the year comes rushing to a close. The description* of the accompanying illustration appropriately tempers the December calendar with the phrase “work still goes on.”

Macy's Parade Turkey 2008

November 22, 2015: It’s a Holiday week, so here’s a short essay to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and to cite a few important things in my professional life for which I’m particularly thankful this year.

Quail hunting

November 15, 2015: An interesting event last week was the culmination of a 3 Day Startup (3DS) program combing UT Austin freshmen and a collection of high school students from Round Rock. I was invited to be part of a panel opining on their final pitches, and I commend them for the quality of their work. For those of you not familiar with 3DS, it’s exactly what the name implies.

1969 editing terminal

November 8, 2016: As we are developing the systems for the medical startup that is my ongoing case study for TechDrawl, I have learned to emphasize that we are building “software” and not “IT.” Medical professionals have nothing but bad connotations with the latter. They think of having been made keyboard dependent and becoming data entry clerks at the expense of quality patient time. It’s all about the codes; get that right and insurance pays, if not, there’s more work to be done making corrections.

Malaysian GP 2010

November 1, 2015: Last Sunday’s annual Formula 1 US Grand Prix in Austin inspires my essay this week. TechDrawl is nothing if not topical.

A conversation in a rococò setting

October 25, 2015: This past week our Qualifying Committee for the 2016 SXSW Accelerator met for our annual kickoff Happy Hour. You may not have SXSW on your mind right now, with important holidays like Halloween looming this weekend, but applications for the Accelerator are due November 6. We expect to have 500-600 for our committee of ten to review between then and November 18, to be followed by voting by expert judges scattered worldwide and the selection of the 48 on-stage finalists prior to Christmas.

Stephen Fear EIR British Library

October 18, 2015: This past week featured another edition of Bob Metcalfe’s StARTup Studio, in which three UT professor-led teams present business concepts resulting from their research. These are nearly always big, science-based ideas. This crop included nanomotors for detecting biomarkers; architectural glass that can selectively modulate both visible light and near-infrared heat-producing light; and magnet-free circulators to enable full duplex wireless transmission, effectively doubling the capacity of existing wireless networks.

IDEO Process

October 11, 2015: This week we’ll continue journaling the progress of the biomedical startup in which I’m participating in Georgia. I spent most of the week there working with our software team and an array of Subject Matter Experts. Design Thinking, as pioneered at Stanford and commercialized by its spin-out IDEO, is our method of solution creation, as opposed to scientific problem solving. Relevant terms in this method are solution-focus, ambiguity, iteration, and human engagement.


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