Bluebonnet Hill Golf Club, Austin TX
Bluebonnet Hill Golf Club, Austin TX
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There was plenty of buzz in Austin yesterday as we topped HuffPo’s list of “terribly overrated destinations.”  Elsewhere in the Southern US, Asheville, NC, was #9, right below Berlin.  Personally with respect to destinations, I’m looking forward eventually to the full opening of Cuba where all us baby boomers will be able to drive the cars of our youth.

Gemini 10 launch John Young and Michael Collins

Yesterday TechStars NYC announced its 2013 class, selected from 1700 applicants from 420 cities.  That’s an impressive pipeline from which to recruit top-notch teams.  There are no ideas in that group of eleven that I personally have not already seen multiple times in the past couple of years, at least from what I can tell with the limited information available.  One is an app for pet lovers, and there were at least 50 of those that applied in 2011 to present at the SXSW Accelerator in 2012 and ap

Sailors running onto the ship per Navy custom

It’s hard enough to sell a new customer, considering time, effort, and dollars, but what allowance do you need to make for the onboarding process?  When money is involved, there’s some amount of effort required to get account numbers right, to comply with the relevant regulations, and to maintain absolute security.  There’s more to the process than just downloading an app and clicking away.  For example, we’ve just had a careful UX review of our own MeetMeTix product to focus on double-checking this very process.

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March 27, 2013:  Hall Martin’s Open Angel Network is a 501c3 that meets monthly for the purpose of educating potential angel investors.  The format is two presentations, networking, and never any pitches.  The attendees include some with plentiful experience as angels and some with none.  It’s a good way for anyone considering angel investing to learn enough to be dangerous.  (For those of you in Atlanta, it’s pretty similar to Charlie Paparelli’s Angel Lounge.)

Bob Metcalfe at GTS March 20, 2013

Last Tuesday and Wednesday Bob Metcalfe and I attended the 2013 Georgia Technology Summit (GTS) in Atlanta, and he had a number of visits at Georgia Tech (no relation to the Summit) to get acquainted with the processes of innovation at that research university.  He described this to me as a “best practices” visit, and I believe the sharing of ideas was of benefit to all parties.  GT has a particularly streamlined technology licensing policy for worthy ideas originating from its $600M annual research budget, and the administration there gives more than ample focus to innovation as part of it

Danny Shine

March 17, 2013:  It’s been a couple of exhilarating but exhausting weeks in Austin, beginning with Rolex Series racing, then the intense local run-up to SXSW, followed by all the Interactive, Film, and Music elements of SXSW itself, not to mention the countless ancillary parties.  It was also spring break week for UT and all the local K-12 schools, so that cleared the streets a bit for the extra load of SXSW attendees.  This coming week will bring more of a normal schedule, and all those kids and their means of transport are back in the fray.  My personal week includes a trip for a couple o

Presenter at SXSW Accelerator 2013

March 13, 2013:  The fifth annual SXSW Accelerator presented a global array of strong companies to overflow crowds in the 4th Floor ballrooms of the Hilton.  Six technology categories were each represented by 8 companies.  They pitched for 2 minutes on Monday, dealt with 5 minutes of questions from expert and often very well known judges on stage, and from them three advanced to Tuesday’s 5 & 10 format leading to a single winner.  Below are those winners, with the descriptions they supplied (in some cases edited).

Hilton 4th Floor Salons for SXSW

March 10, 2013:  Here’s a dispatch from my small slice of the deal related activity at SXSW 2013 for the first three days.   I’ve been trying to adhere to my own advice published in the WSJ Accelerators online last week, particularly with respect to the stamina required to cope with this event.

shopping bag

There’s much being written about how to tackle SXSW if you are looking for funding, partnerships, clients, brand recognition, and fine dining.  However, it’s worth a few words to talk about the other side of the equation – those with resources who are coming here looking to buy or invest.

Ben Dyer and Hurley Haywood

March 3, 2013: Allow me please to address this edition of TechDrawl primarily to my readers from Atlanta and other areas distant from Austin.  I hope many of you are making your way here as I write this.


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