Bluebonnet Hill Golf Club, Austin TX
Bluebonnet Hill Golf Club, Austin TX

December 15, 2013.  Entrepreneurs frequently question me about how you protect your prized IP or your business methods from theft by others.  The less you disclose, the less help you will get from your mentors and peers as your company evolves.  And, potentially, fewer opportunities will come your way if you hold your cards too close to your vest.  I’ve repeatedly seen companies hide or delay their best product features for fear others would copy them, only to see themselves surpassed by competitive surprises.   What’s the point in waiting until you look like the follower and not the innova

Telemachus and Mentor

January 10, 2013.  Bob Metcalfe shared yesterday a syllabus from a Harvard undergraduate course called “Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship” – similar to Longhorn Startup Lab at UT Austin, but with the project version of the course aimed either at starting a real company or preparing to enter a significant business plan competition.   One requirement of the students stood out:  “In addition to the course’s faculty, students MUST engage a ‘content expert’ to help focus the projects and to add real world context and expertise.

Drama in the workplace

January 8, 2013.  In the startup world we talk a lot about assembling the founding team and getting an initial product to market.   We begin our companies with collegial groups of smart, well-educated peers who are trusted partners.  They generally have the capacity to get things on time, to spec, and within budget without close supervision.  It’s all peachy.

My daughter Audrey Dyer retweeted the accompanying photo from @buzzfeed, and how true it is!  Most everyone spends some time in reflection around the Holidays and resolves to do things differently in the coming year. 

creepy software and apps

After the year of SoLoMo, I’ve been trying to divine some trends for 2013 based on all the plans I’ve seen floated for startup incubators, accelerators, riots, weekends, hours, havens, barns, ranches, combinators, factories, labs, hackathons, sackathons, and whackathons coming up in the months ahead.   Here’s my stab at pattern recognition in all that.

Christmas wish list for tech industry and others

It’s probably good for many of us in the tech community to have a bit of a pause in the action over the next couple of weeks.  We need time to reflect on a horrific national tragedy and to watch our government grab onto the cliff’s edge at the very last possible moment.  We’ll all work more productively after letting our minds regroup and allowing ourselves to focus on family and friends without distraction.

Ben Dyer, Jesse Dyer, Steve Crawford of MeetMeTix at Hypepotamus, Atlanta, GA

As you who follow my Tweets know, I've spent a few days in Atlanta surrounding the semi-annual Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) board meeting.  GTRC administers all the contracts and licensing with respect to research conducted by both resident faculty and by the mighty Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) with its 1000+ full-time researchers.   There is considerable cooperation among the teaching faculty and the researchers, and with other universities, on many projects.

Looking at the Facebook updates and Tweets from some of my friends who “tote a bag” and are in the enterprise sales game, I see many of them are flying over just about all the 48 contiguous states in these last weeks of the year.

TechDrawl Editor Ben Dyer with UT Pom Girls at Longhorn Startup Lab Demo Day

Your editor has been busy with field research in recent days.  The week after Thanksgiving seemed to be an ideal time for every tech organization’s last big meeting of the year, and the calendar was full.

November 25, 2012.  Several news items last week caught my attention and gave rise to this article.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a man rushed into a Sears when it opened Thanksgiving night and “started arguing with people and tried cutting in front of them.  One man who got punched pulled a gun and that scattered shoppers, including the impatient line-cutter who took cover behind a refrigerator.”


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