Collateral Damage

Carole Ely and Lore Harp circa 1979 Vector Graphic

June 4, 2014:  Today’s post is a complement to last week’s writing on strategy. For my regular readers, please note that I’m publishing earlier than usual so I can travel the next ten days without a keyboard and focus on resort golf board meetings in the Southeast. I’m going to talk about some particular news here to make some points about smaller tech ventures dealing with the muscle of the big players and with the dynamics of business sectors over funded by investment capital.

Protection by Execution

December 15, 2013.  Entrepreneurs frequently question me about how you protect your prized IP or your business methods from theft by others.  The less you disclose, the less help you will get from your mentors and peers as your company evolves.  And, potentially, fewer opportunities will come your way if you hold your cards too close to your vest.  I’ve repeatedly seen companies hide or delay their best product features for fear others would copy them, only to see themselves surpassed by competitive surprises.   What’s the point in waiting until you look like the follower and not the innova

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