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Office Hours That Work

Capital Factory RISE office hours

May 20, 2013:  Last week during Austin’s RISE week of entrepreneurial activities I had the privilege of participating in an “office hours” event hosted by Capital Factory.  As you can see in the photo above this had a pretty sizable turnout, with a matching of some of the city’s technology leaders, both past and present, with what appeared to be a relatively fresh crop of startups. 

POTUS among US

President Obama, Todd Park, Josh Baer

May 10, 2013:  Congratulations to Josh Baer and the partners, mentors, and numerous co-workers at Austin’s Capital Factory for graciously hosting President Obama yesterday on the first of his economic issues day trips.  The President and the United States CTO Todd Park saw presentations by some of our finest local ventures, were introduced to a group of angel investors, and interacted with personnel from the many startups who operate from the Capital Factory.  He was even invited to apply to Capital Factory when he needs a job in 2017. 

Have Hammer, Show Me Some Nails


As your editor I generally bring you content based on my experiences in the investor and entrepreneurial circuit in Austin and Atlanta.  Last week was one when the number and quality of such experiences outraced the time needed to summarize the wisdom gleaned from them.  I don’t cover breaking news, but when I watch the local CBS TV affiliate do a segment on chickens in the road in Bastrop County (yes, true), I sometimes think what I do provide has more lasting value.

“Better Every Time I See It”

Editor’s Note:  Here’s an Atlanta dispatch from Jesse Dyer about last week’s Demo Day for Flashpoint at Georgia Tech.  Fourteen companies in this the second “cohort” presented; and David Cummings posted a good summary of each.  Coincidentally, I was in a meeting Friday at Austin’s Capital Factory talking about its upcoming Demo Day in October and about the general direction of programming from its swank new location atop the Omni.  These two accelerators

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