Startups Are Not for the Lazy

lazy way to fish

October 23, 1016: There’s been a lot of talk about stamina in the Presidential campaign, and coincidentally I’m reading two books about historical figures whose success was propelled by an abundance of that trait. Startups are never easy, and, if you are the founder, you need to have a continuous reserve of energy to meet the challenges ahead. You must be able to light up the room with your enthusiasm when you are with your team, or with customers.

What Did We Learn this Week?

funeral carriage from museum in Illinois

March 13, 2014: An interesting event this week was a mock company formation exercise for a group of Venture Fellows from UT’s McCombs MBA program. That terminology may not evoke high anticipation like “Sunday at the Masters,” but the organizers at Andrews Kurth put together very thoughtful teaching cases and provided their deal attorneys and a supporting cast of mentors and advisors for a half-dozen teams or so. I was one of the mentors for a case with three students playing their assigned roles.

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