Why Can’t I Get My Employees to Do Things?

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August 18, 2013: My previous post talked about why it may be hard for you, even though you are a great communicator, to get things done when you must manage upward and outward and depend on the timely responses and actions of others outside your supervision.  As promised, here’s the same list this week but oriented toward achieving desired results from your own employees, particularly when you’ve achieved a bit of scale, say 50 or more.

The Perils of Having Employees

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June 27, 2013:  Earlier this week my post dealt with how managing your startup is dramatically affected when you actually have paying customers.  For most businesses, the commencement of revenues also leads to an increase in headcount.  You move beyond the comfort zone of your trusted founding team and must learn to accomplish things through people of varying skill sets and motivations who are mainly interested in a paycheck. 

If Your Startup Has W2 Employees, This Year-End May Be Unusually Interesting

Regardless of who wins the election in a couple of weeks, there is much uncertainty around taxes and benefits along with all the usual pressures of annual reviews, bonuses, parties, and work interruptions associated with the Holidays.  As of this writing, the Presidential election is still too close to call, and even the control of the Senate is possibly up for grabs.  Dealing with the looming fiscal cliff is going to require some cooperation in Washington that we haven’t seen in the last four years.

Is Your Startup Prepared for the Health Care Reform Provisions Going into Effect This Year?

Editor’s Note:  Today’s post is another in an informative series from our friends at TriNet.  I hear lots of discussion in the startup scene about technical issues, finance, marketing, and other matters, but very little about charting out a course that involves scaling with actual employees.  A startup can only get so far with contractors, interns, and students.   For one thing, there are limits on how you can utilize contractors before having to classify them as employees and deal with payroll taxes, work rules and benefits.  More important, if you are succe

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