Is Everyone in Gen Y an Entrepreneur?

The Y-Axis

January 12, 2014:  The topic of our monthly Operators Studio this past week was selling to and employing Gen Y, those born in the years 1977-1995.  Much of the youthful tech workforce in Austin falls into that category, and the undergraduates in our Longhorn Startup class are concluding that generation and are paving the way for the incoming Z’s this fall.  As in most tech hotbed cities, talent acquisition and retention is becoming a major battleground, and the discussion on this Gen Y topic was pretty enlightening.

The Twelfth Man

Twelfth Man Pub

November 10, 2013:  When Aaron Rodgers went down with a shoulder injury last Sunday, the Packers called in Seneca Wallace, who had never played a snap with that team and had only been on the roster since summer.  What if Wallace had then been hurt?  It sounded from the commentary that the 3rd string QB might have to be drafted from the spectators.   It was the proverbial Twelfth Man situation made famous by Texas A&M. 

Five Considerations for your Next Tech Hire

BCS Championship trophy 2008 UF

June 4, 2013:  This post is the flip side of the previous post talking about finding a job from the engineer’s viewpoint.  Knowing that he or she may be working from that playbook, how do you recruit that person to your team?

Again, that engineer has very high odds of finding a job where the work is interesting, skills are a good match, and the colleagues are likeable.  That’s a given.   Here, though, is my list of five advantages you can offer as the prospective employer:

Five Considerations for your Next Tech Job

Bristol monument in Yellowknife Canada

June 2, 2013:  Today’s post is in response to recent conversations in person and on social media about recruiting technology talent.  The big hurdle for any employer is that qualified engineers have plenty of income alternatives in the current market climate, whether in Austin, Atlanta, Orlando, NY, or the Valley.  What does this look like from the job seeker’s perspective?

Worker Misclassification: When your peeps are really YOUR peeps

January 17, 2013.  Editor’s Note: Today we welcome a guest post from TechDrawl contributor Cindy Grossman, a partner at Giordani Swanger Ripp & Phillips LLP in Austin.  Cindy specializes in business transactions, particularly with respect to tax implications.  This is a bonus edition of TechDrawl, about twice the normal length, but it’s a complex subject that deserves your attention if you are scaling up a technology company.

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