Full Immersion

deep diving in Virginia

February 5, 2017: My regular readers may have noticed longer intervals between TechDrawl posts. Your editor has transitioned from considerable “drive-by” mentoring through my affiliations with UT and the Austin tech community toward deep immersion in four promising ventures. All these are at inflection points where things are getting real. Their common thread is data science, even though they serve very different markets.

Lessons for Startups from the Election

1972 Nixon campaign tie

November 13, 2016: For those of you who went to church on the Sunday I’m writing this after the Election, you probably heard this morning a sermon of comfort aimed at congregants who voted their conscience for either of the two major candidates. It was a week for the history books, and it is full of lessons that transcend politics. My “Re-elect Nixon” tie from 1972 (photo above) that I wear to the polls every 4 years has now been consigned to ancient history.

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