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Demo Day VIII

Longhorn Startup students at Demo Day

May 3, 2015: Longhorn Startup Demo Day this past Thursday at the Lady Bird Auditorium in the LBJ Library enjoyed a nearly overflowing turnout in our 967-seat venue. The crowd got to see Bob Metcalfe interview Michael Dell, followed by pitches by our 13 student teams, who all performed well and lived up to our high expectations. As always, our classes raise the bar a bit higher than their predecessors with each new edition of this event.

How to Win a Fast-Pitch Competition

USMC fast-pitch softball tournament 2009

March 29, 2015: Last Thursday night was Demo Day pitch practice for eleven of our companies in the Longhorn Startup Lab, and all of us who attended SXSW have been through a blizzard of pitches in recent days. How best can teams be competitive in those environments? It’s not the same as raising money or applying to an incubator. In those cases you’ll get a closer look, have more time to position yourself, and can fully explain your visionary idea in all its glory.

Apples and Oranges

MicroMulsion presents at Spring 2014 Longhorn Startup Demo Day

May 4, 2014: At our Longhorn Startup Demo Day on April 24, team MicroMulsion, which is developing microgels for cell cultures in bioengineering research, announced an investment by Mark Cuban. That investment came as a direct result of Cuban’s appearance at our previous Demo Day in December, where he spent time with all our dozen teams and was intrigued enough to ask to invest in this particular one. The accompanying photo shows Biomedical Engineering student Ani Sharma presenting his company on the big stage.

Don’t Ignore History

Computer History Museum

December 8, 2013:  One thing Mark Cuban emphasized more than once in his remarks during our Longhorn Startup Demo Day is the concept of researching the history of your great new idea before you get too deeply enamored of it.  He cautioned that just using Google to do your market research might not reveal the now defunct failures with the same concept and certainly might not uncover others currently percolating the same brew.

Mentor or Content Expert?

Telemachus and Mentor

January 10, 2013.  Bob Metcalfe shared yesterday a syllabus from a Harvard undergraduate course called “Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship” – similar to Longhorn Startup Lab at UT Austin, but with the project version of the course aimed either at starting a real company or preparing to enter a significant business plan competition.   One requirement of the students stood out:  “In addition to the course’s faculty, students MUST engage a ‘content expert’ to help focus the projects and to add real world context and expertise.

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