Full Immersion

deep diving in Virginia

February 5, 2017: My regular readers may have noticed longer intervals between TechDrawl posts. Your editor has transitioned from considerable “drive-by” mentoring through my affiliations with UT and the Austin tech community toward deep immersion in four promising ventures. All these are at inflection points where things are getting real. Their common thread is data science, even though they serve very different markets.

Is Everyone in Gen Y an Entrepreneur?

The Y-Axis

January 12, 2014:  The topic of our monthly Operators Studio this past week was selling to and employing Gen Y, those born in the years 1977-1995.  Much of the youthful tech workforce in Austin falls into that category, and the undergraduates in our Longhorn Startup class are concluding that generation and are paving the way for the incoming Z’s this fall.  As in most tech hotbed cities, talent acquisition and retention is becoming a major battleground, and the discussion on this Gen Y topic was pretty enlightening.

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