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Onboarding Customers

Sailors running onto the ship per Navy custom

It’s hard enough to sell a new customer, considering time, effort, and dollars, but what allowance do you need to make for the onboarding process?  When money is involved, there’s some amount of effort required to get account numbers right, to comply with the relevant regulations, and to maintain absolute security.  There’s more to the process than just downloading an app and clicking away.  For example, we’ve just had a careful UX review of our own MeetMeTix product to focus on double-checking this very process.

When Data Talks, What Do You Hear?

Whac-a-Mole game

January 25, 2013.  A board meeting yesterday for a P2P marketplace venture swung to a focus on what field-testing data is really telling us.  Creating a P2P company requires sellers, buyers, and actual transactions.  Like any consumer venture, there are plenty of unknowns in consumer behavior when a shiny new object is made available to them.  Trying to interpret each week’s worth of data can be a lot like Whac-a-Mole.  A/B testing becomes more like A-Z testing when all the variables are factored in.  You think you understand one side of the equation, but you tweak the other side and get ve

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