Startups Are Not for the Lazy

lazy way to fish

October 23, 1016: There’s been a lot of talk about stamina in the Presidential campaign, and coincidentally I’m reading two books about historical figures whose success was propelled by an abundance of that trait. Startups are never easy, and, if you are the founder, you need to have a continuous reserve of energy to meet the challenges ahead. You must be able to light up the room with your enthusiasm when you are with your team, or with customers.


President Jimmy Carter jogging 1978

July 19, 2015: Startups require enormous stamina, both mental and physical. I’ve heard Bob Metcalfe mention repeatedly to our Longhorn Startup students the importance of eating, sleeping, and generally staying healthy while trying to get a business going. I wrote a TechDrawl essay on the topic nearly three years ago, and it’s worth revisiting today. Your chances of success are greatly improved if you are performing 100%, or more.

It’s the Fourth Quarter that Counts

The launch of the college football season reminds us anew of plenty of truths that apply to entrepreneurial businesses.  As mentioned in an earlier post this week, there’s much more to the startup than just the opening play when enthusiasm is high and hope springs eternal.  There’s a lot of work in the trenches before the conclusion of the game and the posting of the final score.

Here’s my list for your consideration:

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