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IDEO Process

October 11, 2015: This week we’ll continue journaling the progress of the biomedical startup in which I’m participating in Georgia. I spent most of the week there working with our software team and an array of Subject Matter Experts. Design Thinking, as pioneered at Stanford and commercialized by its spin-out IDEO, is our method of solution creation, as opposed to scientific problem solving. Relevant terms in this method are solution-focus, ambiguity, iteration, and human engagement.

Startup Friendly

gold mine

October 4, 2015: If you’re a technology service provider to startups, you know that to be a difficult task. I’ve been on both sides of this issue over the years. We had to switch a major vendor in one deal this past week, which is always tough, even if it is just business and is for good reasons for all concerned. There are personal connections that are part of any such relationship, and those continue.

Starting the Start

1916 Packard with starter crank

August 30, 2015: Josh Baer presented his list of tips on starting the start at the Longhorn Startup Seminar this past Thursday. His focus was the student who in general wants to be an entrepreneur and start something, which describes many of the 138 enrolled in the class this semester. That objective requires coming up with an idea, identifying a market, finding a team, building an MVP, and plunging into business while the parents are still footing most of the overhead. It’s good advice for a very lean startup approach while you are in the cozy confines of university life.

If Only I Had an Idea

Fat Canvas by the Author

October 19, 2014: The headline above is a statement that comes up time and again when I meet people who want to become entrepreneurs. They may have the drive, intellect, and requisite instincts, but they’ve not been inspired by a particular mission and often don’t have a team to help them toward that goal. If they force the issue by gathering up some colleagues and entering a class like our Longhorn Startup Lab, they’ll often settle for the next “find me a beer” app that they draw from their current experiences as undergraduates.


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