The Forecast is Rosy

the crystal ball

July 24, 2016: Last week’s essay dealt with the fine art of pricing your startup product or service. Pricing is inextricably tied to your volume projections, so let’s now look into your crystal ball on that topic.

The most common mistake I see is estimating from the top down. You’ve created a must-have product for left-handers, and you know that approximately 10% of the US population is left-handed. So, there are 30M+ customers. Surely you can get 10% of that market and have 3M users, right? Or left? It looks easy.

The Master’s Hand

A master's violin

July 17, 2016: Several meetings this past week about pricing have made that the startup topic for this essay. I recall the Christian poem “The Touch of the Master’s Hand,” which was used often in speeches by John Imlay as a dramatic conclusion. He would bring on stage the prominent Atlanta Symphony violinist Martin Sauser to show the power of a musical instrument in the hands of such a master.

Well Then Just Quit

Boehner at play

July 1, 2016: My “Keep Calm and Carry On” essay last week was written before the Brexit vote, and I’ve since seen that slogan and flag in all types of media including the Colbert show. As of this writing, it appears the response of Britain’s leadership, including David Cameron and Boris Johnson, has been to let others carry on, and Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn seems in danger of being nudged aside himself. My essay was about seeing your startup through and maintaining a steady helm during difficult periods in the business.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On poster

June 26, 2016: My birthday this past week brought the usual reflections along with all the greetings and trappings of the occasion. To me the birthday reminder is one of the nicest features of Facebook, just to refresh our memories of the many people who are part of our lives and with whom we aren’t always in close touch.


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