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SXSW Accelerator Finalists Announced, and a Glimpse of the Process

January 29, 2013.  Among the many events worth your time at SXSW is the Accelerator competition.  The 48 interactive finalists who will present on the Monday and Tuesday (March 11-12) of SXSW were announced today.  Eight companies in each of 6 categories were selected, along with 3 alternates in each of those categories.  On Wednesday the 8 music finalists will present, those also backed up by 3 alternates.

Fishing for Early Stage Deals at Venture Atlanta 2012

Ace field reporter Jesse Dyer files this report from the Georgia Aquarium today.  Not exactly the shark tank, but beluga whales for sure:

Entrepreneurship life in the post-Pardot era has begun in Atlanta.  What the Pardot sale means for the city is easily an essay unto itself, but that $96M exit was definitely the buzz in the room at Venture Atlanta 2012.  Will the local tech community really broaden its interests with this exit, or will it just double down on marketing automation as it previously did with Internet security in the footsteps of ISS?  Time will tell.

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