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August 6, 2017: The transition continues this week from TechDrawl’s homespun but always insightful tales to my more structured Startup Decision Making book. This essay may become the final chapter, but it’s a timely topic. For one thing, I attended the Austin Technology Incubator’s SEAL presentation night this past week. The teams on stage spent the summer thrashing out their business models, with a goal not to sell them at this event but to reveal whether their idea would be a go or no-go.

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July 30, 2017: Thanks to those of you who commented to me about my return-to-action essay last week. For many who are not on Facebook, I enjoyed reconnecting. One person noted that I had transitioned from curing cancer to promoting diabetes by helping advertise fast foods. I’m guilty on that point. Her comment did inspire me to examine the Facebook advertising rules to see if I could get a cigarette account and go all-out “Mad Men” – but that category is forbidden.

July 20, 2017: It has been a few months of hiatus for TechDrawl. My subscriber list has actually grown during that time, which means either my previous work is timeless or you like it better when you don’t hear from me. I thought enough had been written on all things entrepreneurial and that perhaps I should be working on my next romance novel.

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February 5, 2017: My regular readers may have noticed longer intervals between TechDrawl posts. Your editor has transitioned from considerable “drive-by” mentoring through my affiliations with UT and the Austin tech community toward deep immersion in four promising ventures. All these are at inflection points where things are getting real. Their common thread is data science, even though they serve very different markets.

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January 5, 2017: After a long Holiday break, it’s not easy this week to get back in gear for full-contact startup action. However, the expenses took no time off, and many items left untended two or three weeks ago are still there demanding our attention. There’s considerable pressure to make up for lost time.  

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December 17, 2016: With the constant drumbeat of headlines about the Russians attempting to influence the US Election via electronic espionage, or just plain hacking, we’re all more attuned to the risks associated with our convenient communication methods. Yahoo added this past week a few more beats to that message. Closer to home, in the past month I’ve had two email intrusions in the biomedical company I’m working with.

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November 30, 2016: One of the most difficult challenges for a fast-charging startup entrepreneur is learning when patience is the correct tactic. Everyone likes to leave a meeting with specific next steps and action items, and no one enjoys just sitting around. That’s a natural bias that helps lead people into this dangerous arena.

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November 17, 2016: Last week was the semiannual Georgia Tech Research Corporation board meeting, and I took advantage of that occasion to spend a couple of extra days in Atlanta catching up a bit with the startup scene there. All the news from GT was good; research is on a great trajectory. And, the complement of 17 or so corporate innovation centers surrounding the ATDC is a unique advantage for startups.

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November 13, 2016: For those of you who went to church on the Sunday I’m writing this after the Election, you probably heard this morning a sermon of comfort aimed at congregants who voted their conscience for either of the two major candidates. It was a week for the history books, and it is full of lessons that transcend politics. My “Re-elect Nixon” tie from 1972 (photo above) that I wear to the polls every 4 years has now been consigned to ancient history.


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